Polysrf to Srf

I would like to convert my polysurface into a surface. Are there any tricks or help here?
So far I have only managed to convert the polysurface into many individual open surfaces…
Thank you very much!

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Hi Julia -

Generally, that’s impossible.
You could provide the reason for wanting this and the specific 3dm file to see if there are workarounds.

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Hi Wim,
We are currently trying to design a bar support structure. The references can be found in the appendix.

For this purpose, we have converted a Grasshopper script and adapted it to our project. Unfortunately, this script only works with a surface, which we cannot convert from our SubD. Are there any possibilities to convert SubD or polysurfaces into a surface? Or can you possibly help us in the script to convert the required surface into a polysurface/SubD?

Please find attached the rhino file with SubD, polysurface and surface objects. The included surface was formed from a torus and was used to test the script.

Best Julia

240407_subD_modell.3dm (2.1 MB)
240407_voronoi_stabtragwerk.gh (37.2 KB)

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