Created a surface that I would like to run weave pattern using Brian james' technique

I am hoping I could have someone help me with a file that I am working on. I have a suface that I exported from Modo as a rhino file. I am trying to use the surface component but grasshopper does not acknowledge the surface. I am guessing the surface might be a bit to complex but itwould be great if I could have second eye

Run the What command on it and I bet it says PolySurface. This will require a Brep component to reference it with Grasshopper. Making a pattern follow a polysurface is much harder than making it flat or having it follow a single surface. That’s not to say it’s impossible, just that it would take some experimentation to get a weave or pattern to match up across polysurface seams. I’d make a single surface instead even if it were a temporary one.

Thanks Brian, Plan to play around with this abit over the next few weeks. I will come back to this thread.