Polyhedra unroll surface

I can’t unroll surface by this, also if I explode

anyone expert of Polyhedra?
p.s. I am new of this plugin

Hi @massimo.rufo
I’m no export, but if I recall correctly, the surfaces of the Polyhedra plugin are grouped, but not joined. I think you need to join all the surfaces first and the use unrollsrf (explode=no) to unroll it. Note, that if you want any control over where the surfaces break apart, you have to spend some time with unjoinedge, selecting where you want the seams to be. It this doesn’t help,please post your file.
HTH, Jakob

You can use the Paneling Tools Utility - Unroll Faces for this.

Hi upload the model, I tryed to unroll also with paneling tool but nothing happenpoliedroexagons.3dm (102.6 KB)

It’s a mesh. You need surfaces for Unroll to work. Did you create this with the Polyhedron plug-in? If so, there are command-line options to set what result you want.

“Polyhedra” is made a Mesh objects by default , so the command line “UnrollSrf” is not supported with Meshes.
So if you wanna to use the “Polyhedra” with that command line must be change "Output <Mesh> ( Curve Mesh Surface ): Surface to “Surface” when you start to create Polyhedra object.

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BTW, @dale had these output options in the dialog for the plug-in in previous versions. I’d like to see them return, if possible.

Download last update from this link.

I have the latest version. The command line options for output were once included as radio buttons/check boxes (can’t remember exactly) within the plug-in dialog, and are omitted in this latest edition. I’m asking @dale to add them back. The OP’s confusion would be less likely with the old style.

Good suggestion :+1:

Look at this tutorial by Brian James @BrianJ here:

right I am so stupid beginner, antway do you think that after unroll the surface I can use the command: transorm>flow along surface?

Never mind sir, we are here still learning… Sure you can use that command.

yes well done with surface output, I need to spread an objet on the surfaces and than to return on the model, but flow on the surface it can’t possible, do you know another system?

Is there something not clear with the answers and scripts you got in the italian Discourse?