Polygons to TopoJson/Shapefile

Hi, I am trying to export my room boundaries (Polygon Curves) as a shapefile or even better as a TopoJson so that I can use it for Data Visualization. However, I have not managed to achieve what I am looking for. Any suggestions on how to proceed?



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Ok, you are a funny guy. I would not have asked if I would not have spent the last hours finding a working solution. Therefore I am asking you guys once more if you have a specific workflow recommendation which is up and running as I could not find a plugin which is exporting what I am looking for. Importing yes, but exporting did not work till now.

So, you are invited to post that smart like you know it all, but if you do not have a solution either than you are invited to just leave it.

Once more, this issue is still unsolved.
Thx, help is still much appreciated.

Vague questions, vague answers. The second search suggestion leads you to a plugin that allows you to convert polylines into Shp and write GeoJson. Isn’t this what you’re looking for?

You’re welcome.

You are right. I have written my question very rushed and was not precise enough.

Anyhow, you are pointing out a plugin which seems not to be capable of what I am looking for.

  • Firstly it seems to be that at the moment it is only able to write Shp (which have to be converted manually to TopoJson and I want do achieve this in GH as well.
  • Secondly, GeoJson =/= TopoJson … it has to be converted manually as well like with Shp (but this export with other Plugins fails too)

However, I am not an export on GIS file formats and that’s why I was asking for a general workflow recommendation. If there is a way to convert shp or GeoJson to TopoJson I am perfectly fine with it, just let me know.