BearGIS Plugin (GIS data reader / writer, shp, geojson)


welcome BearGIS

I’m posting to share a new grasshopper plugin I have been developing for extended GIS data support and interoperability. The big idea behand BearGIS is to enable export of geometry and accompanying attributes to GIS data formats.

The primary functionality has been implemented but it is not 100% complete. It is hosted on Github at the moment and will make its way to food4rhino after a bit more development and cleaning. If you are a developer and choose to look at the code… it’s messy. I will be cleaning things up and conforming to best practices once I wrap up implementing some additional functionality.

Current Highlights:

  • Write ESRI standard GeoJson files for easy interoperability with Arcmap and ArcGIS
  • Read ESRI GeoJson for easy import of data into rhino from ESRI platforms.
  • Read .SHP files into grasshopper (this is currently a bit slow and needs some work to speed up)

To Come:

  • Export standard GeoJson for easy web uploading
  • Import GeoJson - the more common geojson standard (Though I believe others have developed this already)
  • Export .SHP, preferable to Geojson for wider gis platform support

Check it out!

Plug-in Site:
Github Repository: