Polar Array: Why radians?

Just trying to replicate a Rhino Polar Array with a Grasshopper one, but found that instead of Degrees, it’s in Radians…

Is there a way to replicate the “standard” Polar Array?

right click on “angle” and you can change it to degrees.

Grasshopper uses geometry conventions used in higher education, so things like radians instead of degrees as default on components, and also rotation goes counterclockwise as numbers go up, not clockwise.

This takes a little getting used to, but also it’s pretty easy to change your definitions so you can input “vernacular” measurements like carpenters and fabricators prefer.

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Thanks Max. Was able to set to degrees.

That said, it’s not acting as expected, so I may be putting up a new post shortly :slight_smile:

This input flexibility is one of those amazing things you find in Grasshopper that make it just a stellar ‘user friendly’ software…

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