Polar Array Option in Grasshopper vs Rhino

Hello guys,

I have the following question about the polar array option in grasshopper. Can someone help me with a solution?

I would like to make a polar array of an object, with z-offset, but without rotating the object itself. This option exist in Rhino, but not in grasshopper. (Screenshot 01) (Z Offset also is not included in the standard polar array in GH, but i have figured it out somehow.)

So basically I would like to have the figure on the right side, programed in grasshopper. (Screenshot 02).

I am uploding my GH and Rhino file.

Thank you very much in advance.


181123_polar_array.3dm (82.4 KB)
181123_polar_array.gh (6.8 KB)

181123_polar_array_re.gh (12.6 KB)


That was extremely fast and effective. Thank very much! Have a great weekend!