Polar array in Rhino

Hi everyone,
I want the section in the file to rotate itself and the same time turning around the circle with using the polar array (picture 2). But unfortunately, I only get this result (picture 1) when I implement the polar array.
I would appreciate it if you help me.
Than you so much…

Hello - I believe you may need this guy:


Or Grasshopper…

Thank you so much Pascal,
I downloaded this guy, but unfortunately I did not know how to load it. I researched from internet but I could not be successful. Could you help me please…:frowning:

Hello - if you double-click that rhi file, with Rhino closed, it should go through the installation process - when you open Rhino again, it should be there. I’ll have a try.
@meryemalagoz - yeah - it installed fine here - once you restart Rhino, you can type Armadillo and take it from there.


Thank you so much Helvetosaur,
But, I think it will take much time if I use the grasshopper and I don’t have :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help Pascal :slight_smile:
I can load it.