Hello and a question about random rotations

Hello all,

I just started to use Rhino so this is my first post here.
My name is Robert Glotzbach and i’m a long time C4D user. Recently I bumped into something that seemed far to complicated to achieve in C4D, so I researched a little and expexted Rhino to be of good use and a great adition to my workflow, so far so good. Still using the Demo and I’m quietly hoping that Rhino 6 comes out before the demo expires (don’t like surprises :wink: )

Now here is my question:

I would like to copy a bunch off curves with ‘ArrayPolar’ and have them randomly rotated around their axes. Sure I could rotate them manually but this is going to pop up more often, so it would be nice if it could be done this way. If I could apply the randomnes to both scale and position it would be even better.

Did not really look into Grasshopper, is it something that would be of help here?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Kind regards, Robert

Don’t worry, that’s not going to happen :wink:

That is very much possible to do but you didn’t mention your background in programming.

There’s a learning curve there, of course, but by the sounds of it, this would likely be the easiest path.
Just a quick example:

Thanks a lot Wim, very much appreciated.

I did a little bit of Python in the past, but by not using it, it probably vaporized allmost completely.
So i downloaded grasshopper and am now tryinv to familiarize myself with it.
Its a lot of funn, reminds me Houdini, which i use occasianely.
When I’m a little further with grasshopper, i will dissect your example, i might come back to you if i have more questions.

And again,… many thanks :slight_smile:

Kind regards, Robert