How to do a shape like this one?

I was looking at this site, and the shapes made here,

I don’t know how to “project” (I don’t know if that’s the correct term), the object while turning it and increasing the z axis.

Any help will be appreciated.


Hi Ale - do you mean the connector part, holding the table legs together?


Pascal, yes, that one.

Hi Ale- see if this helps-

Notice I turned on History for the ArrayPolar - this allows me to move the original and have the arrayed copies move as well - I did this so that I could quickly change the spacing until the corners overlap just enough. This is checked using Intersect, also with History turned on to see how two of the objects intersect each other- I just adjusted kind of by eye to see that it looked reasonable.
I imagine you might want a little more material where the three legs intersect than I show here, and you’d probably want a fillet in that area as well.
Sorry about the typing when I rotated one of the legs - my keyboard suddenly lagged by a few seconds, maybe due to the recording software.


Pascal, thanks a lot.

Its useful, Rest be asured.

Polar array, is the fuction I was talking about. Is there a way to rotate a surface, while moving on a particular axis, is that possible with polararray?

Thanks a lot.

Hi Ale - ArrayPolar has a ZOffset command line option, perhaps that is what you are after.