Points to mesh with quad faces. Issues with current method. Advise request

I am doing reverse engineering of an upper limb 3D scan geometry. I’ve got into a stage where I need to create a mesh with quad faces (I need quad mesh faces for further data manipulation stages). The way I am doing so (shown in the pic below) outputs me unwanted/not predictable topology ( in some locations quad mesh faces are joined together, overall topology is slightly distorted). Also, I assume, the “loft” operation adds some extra computational time. Is there any other way to create a mesh with quad mesh faces and preferably avoid “loft” operation in between and output a mesh without distortion/topology errors? I would be very thankful for any advise.
points to mesh with quad faces.gh (13.8 KB)

Try to use Weaverbird’s Mesh From Lines.

points to mesh with quad faces_re.gh (19.5 KB)

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@HS_Kim thanks a lot!
Tried with mesh from points node. Also works: