Meshing curved geometry with Quads

HI everyone,

I am trying to construct a QUAD mesh for a FEM model of this geometry. In order to do that I avoided quad remesh command since I understood it is impossible to maintain continuity between separated surfaces and also include specific points in the mesh. That is why I use paneling tools to construct the mesh.

I achieved a good result, but I do not think this is the most efficient way to do this with the script I did. Maybe someone has another idea of how to achieve a good result. @DanielPiker

I really appreciate any help. Thanks in advance (24.9 KB)


For a relatively simple model like this, I would implement a manual meshing process that allows you to control the mesh subdivisions and adjust them to your needs.

It’s pretty straightforward. I’ve included a custom component of mine that does mesh lofting. Feel free to use it.

If you’re looking for an automated process and have a Rhino 7 license, you can also mesh your geometry with the QRemesh (Quad Remesh) component, but I feel like that’s overkill for this and it gives you less control over the tesselation than my definition in this case. (21.5 KB)

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Thank you very much for your answer, it looks pretty cool.

However, one important thing here is to maintain the initial surface edges, so when meshing, these edges have to appear.

That thing makes quite more difficult to mesh it…

This should work.

Instead dividing by count, you could also divide by length or distance, if your segments vary in size/length/circumference. This way you would to get a more regular tessellation in that direction. (27.4 KB)

It looks pretty nice @diff-arch

Just one last thing…The connector points I attached should be on a quad vertex, since it has to be continuity between the nodes and the mesh. I think this is the difficult part…

I have attached you your script with the points to maintain.

The solution I came up was this one. Everything was fine but the process was not optimized…Sorry If i did not explain myself correctly.

Thank you so much for your help (27.8 KB)

Here you go!

It’s now a little harder to get a tessellation with equally sized quads. (35.0 KB)


Thank you so much for your effort @diff-arch

That was really good scripting. It is exactly what I was looking for!

PD: I would be nice to have a component as powerful as Triremesh (capable of adding curves, points) but for the quads, since the actual one has a lot of limitations

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