PointDeviation Bug

PointDeviation with auto generated points shows a group of points with large deviation when the surfaces are close enough to identical that SelDupAll shows the surfaces as duplicates of each other. The extracted control polygons are also shown as duplicates of each other. File attached. PtDevBug01.3dm (386.7 KB)

The surfaces were created using two different methods. One was an extrusion along a curve. The other was an extrusion along a straight line (curve projected to CPlane) and then groups of control points were moved to match the locations of the control points of the curve. Result was two “identical” surfaces.


More information.

I duplicated one of the surfaces, and used the PtDeviation on the original and copy - same problem. File attached. PtDevBug02.3dm (371.0 KB)

Surfaces are degree 4 and single span in each direction.

Hi David, checkin it, thanks.