Control points disappearing

(Rob McPherson) #1

In the latest wip my control points start disappearing while rotating the model around, see snapshot below -


Point display...?
Bug: Control Points vanish when selected
(John Brock) #2

I’m guessing this is because of a flattened view frustum, normally caused by being Zoomed in close in a file that covers a much larger coordinate range.

That’s just a guess since we don’t have the model.

(Steve Baer) #3

Would it be possible to send me the model so I can try to repeat this?

(Rob McPherson) #4

No problems chaps, I’ll PM you the model. Who wants it, John or Steve?

(Steve Baer) #5

You can send it to me; I work on point display.

(Rob McPherson) #6


(Steve Baer) #7

Thanks, I can repeat the bug and am working on a fix