SolidPointOn: bug?

Anomaly in the “SolidPointOn” command in the wip. Moving the two editing points the result seems to be incorrect. It’s a bug?
SolidPointOn anomaly.3dm (298.7 KB)

not sure if its a bug, messing with solidpoints is only in very simple geometry useful and quickly leads to messy results like you have. one has to understand that simply draging points out of its position results in strong curvature which has to be recalculated somehow.

I understand it, but you have to see if the same behavior happens with Rhino 5, otherwise it’s a bug.
I do not think the curvature is so excessive, it should be checked

i rebuilt something very similar because i could not open that file, i have only version 5. the result is pretty similar, those points are distorting any kind of surface very strong so i am kinda sure its not a bug, solid points are not usable to every extent.

also getting a surface which fits and works well with all those corners you have will be pretty difficult.