Pointclouds not visible anymore in R7 after SRC?

It seems that after the latest SRC installation I cannot see my pointclouds anymore… In R8 however they are still visible (same file)
Does anyone have this issue ?



Hi Andreas,

What’s your system info, a quick million point cloud worked for me.

Do you have a file we can look at?
private upload

Hi Andreas -

As Japhy says, we’ll need a file to be sure, but there was an issue with invisible point clouds that was fixed on Rhino 8 and is now pending a fix on Rhino 7 - RH-66750.

Thank you guys, here is a part of the file that I extracted and exported out of R8.
It behaves really weird in R7 it sometimes is visible as a “negative” when I e.g. select a surface under it

in R8 there is no issue

here is the file
pointcloudtest.3dm (5.4 MB)

This does look like the aforementioned bug, was this point cloud originally a .ply?

No, it was an imported E57 file which ran without issues on R7 3 days ago.

Link to the previous version. 7.15

RH-66750 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 16

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