Pointcloud "Flash"

Hi, I am using the _Pointcloud command,
I am prompted to select the pointcloud, and when I do, the pointcloud “flashes” quickly when clicked on.
It is so fast that you sometimes cant see it unless you are looking for it.
Is there any setting to make the duration of the flash longer ?

Hi Mike -

The PointCloud command primarily asks for points to turn into a point cloud but you can add points or point clouds to an existing point cloud. I’m not sure which of those options leads to flashing behavior?

Hi Wim,
It is the “remove” points from a pointcloud option that flashes.(in pointcloud output mode)
The “add” option highlights the pointcloud that is selected.
I work with pointclouds all day, so it gets a bit annoying.
Regards, Mike.

Hi Mike - There is no control for this in Rhino’s UI that I know of. It should be at least possible to pre-select a point cloud though, for Remove - that currently does not work as far as I can see.

RH-72393 PointCloud: Allow preselection for Remove


Thank you Pascal,
Cheers, Mike