PointCloud bugs and wishes

The _PointCloud command might be further improved in V6. Using the option _Add will destroy pointclouds having colors or normals or both, only points are added. I guess this is a bug.

ATM i am working with large pointclouds where noisy points need to be removed manually. In comparison to V5 subobject (cloud points) selection is much faster using CTRL + SHIFT, even deleting cloud points works almost instantly which i really really like, however, deleting cloud points that way, destroys color and normal information of the whole pointcloud.

One handy V6 feature would be to select cloud points with _SelBrush, maybe while CTRL + SHIFT is pressed. I´ve found that i can use _SelBrush when Rhino is in the prompt for cloud point removal using _PointCloud _Remove, but this creates the cloud points as point objects and is extremely slow, it freezes V6 for minutes with pointclouds having around 500K points and having brush selected around 10K points.

Maybe an additional option “_DeletePoints” could be added to the _PointCloud command ? Also the _Remove option would be more handy if it allows to choose if the result is a new pointcloud instead of regular point objects.


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Hi Claude,

I made removing subselected point cloud points with Delete key preserve point color and normal for the remaining points. I also made PointCloud Add and Remove preserve color and normal. The changes should be in a near future WIP.

The fasted way to remove brush selected points is to first run SelBrush, and keep Shift and Control pressed when you right click or press Enter to end the selection, and then press Delete key.

Currently the fastest way to split a huge cloud in two is probably to select some cloud points, Move or drag them away from the original cloud, copy the cloud, and then delete unneeded points from both sets.

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Hi @mikko , that is great !

Thanks for that tip as well, it works already in the current wip. One thing though, would it be possible that the brush selection only brushes when the mouse is down, so eg. two brushed areas which are farer apart are not connected with a brushed line ?


Not right now. SelBrush supports both keeping the mouse button down for painting the selection, and repeatedly clicking for polyline selection. The latter would have to go for this to be possible. Right now you can run SelBrush multiple times, do one selection, end it, and then add another unconnected selection.

Maybe a command line option which allows to keep the user in the command, and then only brushes when the mouse is down would be more intuitive. I´ve been wondering is this would all be better in a seperate command like BrushPoints, which performs the selection right after brushing instead of showing the brushed area until Enter is pressed. So the brushed area disappears as soon as the mouse pointer is released as shown in the below example video:

In the current implementation, i´ve found that when i change the camera position while inside in the _SelBrush command, bad things can happen. I would not mind if the view is locked while brushing.


I added Polyline=Yes/No command option to SelBrush. When Polyline=No the brush stroke is drawn only when mouse button is down and click-click-click… polyline selection is disabled. SelBrushPoints is already there, but only works on individual points. I’ll have to test how slow it would be with huge point clouds if it supported them.

View manipulation is not disabled, because for example panning a parallel viewport can be useful while brush selecting.

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Thank you @mikko for this useful update.


Hi @mikko,

i’ve just discovered _SelBrushPoints in above regard and found there is no way to remove pointcloud points from the selection using CTRL. eg. i used this workflow:

  1. Run _SelBrushPoints over multiple clouds to select some points
  2. Works very fast :wink:
  3. I see the selection, then want to “unbrush” or unselect using CTRL

somehow step 3 enables elevation mode and the brush circle follows the elevation but brushing happens in a different area of the screen and adds pointcloud points to the selection, even when CTRL is kept pressed when the mouse comes up.


Logged as RH-37942.


one more observation with _SelBrush and _SelBrushPoints. I’ve tried to use both commands to select mesh grips which are visible and not occluded. Both commands seem to select occluded points.

If i enable _CullControlPolygon the display selection shows occluded points as selected but once confirmed the final selection does not not include the occluded points which is useful. It would be even better if it does not highlight occluded points during the command in this case.


@mikko, here in the latest, the Ctrl-Shift SelBrushed point cloud points are not highlighting - they are selected and go away if I hit Delete, but I don’t see them lit up in yellow at any stage.