Wish - separate snaps for pointclouds and points

I am working a lot with large point clouds these days, would help me if there would be a possibility do distinguish between those two objects classes…

Dear @walther

maybe a workarround:

under _documentProperties → Rhino Options → Modelling Aids
you ll find the possibility to turn off “snap to locked objects.”
As fare is I understand you ll this also means objects on looked layers.
So this might allow a nice workarround - having your point-clouds on separate layers and look them if you don t want to snap to ?

kind regards - tom

Hi Tom,
Thank you for your answer.
yes, I know of this technique, however sometimes I need the point cloud layer to stay accessible to selecting and apart from that, I also like to be able to snap to other frozen layers that do not contain pointclouds…

You can use the selection filter to temporarily exclude either points or pointclouds…

thanks, I will try that one… never got used to the selection filters, maybe I should…
They are supposed to temporarily overrule osnaps?

no, actually… it is a selection tool. I wonder if point cloud points maybe should be counted as vertices, and behave more like a mesh in that regard.



I often find myself in a similar situation with curves and BReps, though understandably those objects are usually a lot less dense than point clouds. My workflow uses Hide and ShowSelected pretty regularly. That makes it really easy for me to get rid of things that are in the way temporarily, and bring them back with a click.

I think that might be a good solution, that might become a clickable option in the rhino settings… something like “pointcloud points snap to vertices osnap”