Point Rhino 7 to Zoo license server by registry entry (Windows)


Our company upgraded from Rhino 6 to 7.
By that we also upgraded the Zoo license server to version 7.

In Rhino6 we were able to set a registry key to point to our Zoo server, so that updates of Rhino etc. could be enrolled by the end user, without loosing access to the license pool/Zoo.

Are there a similar approach to Rhino 7?

One more question regarding the Zoo 7 and DNS records:
By setting up Zoo 7, I’ve created an DNS record (CNAME) with a FQDN: __mcneel.__zoo7.contoso.local which points to the host of the Zoo7 service eg: hostname.contoso.local
Unfurtunately Rhino 7 can’t find the Zoo server automatically, even with the firewall turned off.
If I enter the hostname of the server manually into Rhino, it picks up the license.

Can you confirm the FQDN subnet matches what Rhino 7 is looking for when searching automatically for a Zoo server on the local network?

As a side note. Your Zoo diagnostic tool runs through all five steps successfully.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Anders Tind

Hi @ant1,

Rhino 7 uses the same mechanism to find a Zoo server as Rhino 6.

How Does Rhino for Windows Find a Zoo Server? [McNeel Wiki]

This should read:


– Dale