Rhino 7 loses Zoo settings on update

I’m supporting Rhino in an enterprise environment with a LAN Zoo hosted on an internal server. End users are permitted to update Rhino on their client systems, but the license server address is classified as need-to-know.

Every update for Rhino 7 dumps the license server address for the LAN Zoo from the client installation. As a result, every time an end user installs an update, they then need to open a ticket with IT to have the license settings re-entered.

Re-entering the license settings a few hundred times a month is needlessly time consuming for IT, costly for the enterprise, and seems like it should be a trivial setting to retain between upgrades.

Are you aware of this problem?

There was a problem very early with Rhino 7.3 or 7.4 and older, and subsequent updates after that. Is it possible that your initial deployments are still on quite old builds of Rhino?

My recommendation is that you push the Zoo server IP address to the registry via a login script to fix this. The registry key to push to is in this article:

Here’s another user’s solution:

Also, I recommend that your deployment be updated to install the latest 7.14 build so that future users don’t have this problem.

If you can send me the Rhino*.log files from the %temp% folder on the user’s computer, I can look deeper into the specific cause of the problem on these machines.

I can confirm the behavior has occurred with Rhino 7.7, 7.8, and 7.12 upgrades to any version afterward.

Next time I catch the issue in the wild I’ll pass the logs through internal security and follow up.