Command to find point where distance between curves is X?



Hello everyone!

Im currently working with two curves that represent slab surfaces. I need to find the points where the height between these slabs is passable. Lets say, find the point on the curves where the distance between them is x=3m
I pretty much just need to find that point, because after that the curves just keep growing apart.

Thanks in advance for any insight.
Curves.3dm (166.9 KB)

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi ShynnSup - can you post the curves? I guess a Circle > Tangent,Tangent, Radius where R = 1.5 might get you there.



Done Pascal, there quite simple though. Was thinking of a global procedure that could work with any pair of curves. What you suggest might just work great! I could make a gh definition on that and get all those points for all my curves, awesome!

(Pascal Golay) #4

Does that get you the info you need?

Curves_PG.3dm (178.2 KB)

An alternative is to offset each curve by 1.5 and center a 1.5 R circle on the intersection - should be the same circle as the tangent one.



Yes, thank you. And thanks for the super fast reply too :slight_smile:

(David Cockey) #6

Do find the location where the distance between the curves parallel to the Y axis is 3m; Copy the curves with a 3m shift towards each other, and then intersect.
Curves_DC1.3dm (188.9 KB)

(David Cockey) #7

Just looked at Pascals solution. It uses a slightly different way to measure the distance so the location will be slightly different. Which one is “correct” depends on which distance is needed.


That works great too, thank you David. Im actually gonna implement your solution because I find it easier to translate into gh.

(Pascal Golay) #9

Hi ShynnSup - using offsets is maybe a little better in that you do not tie yourself to any particular axis. Also GH-able… (21.7 KB)


(David Cockey) #10

Tangent circle, shifted curves and offset curves result in a different locations along the original curves. That’s because the “distance between the curves” is measured differently. If the original curves are close to parallel and close to normal to the desired direction the difference will be small and may not matter… Attached file shows the results of the three methods for the example file. Curves_DC1.3dm (188.9 KB)