Point_List Component not working on Mac via Parallels Desktop

The Point_List component does not work on Grasshopper (1.0.0007) with Rhino 6 SR14. Is there a quick fix to this? Not sure this is because I am using Rhino/Grasshopper on Mac via Parallels. Anyone has a similar experience and a solution to solve this? Thanks.

T. Wang

Do any of the other text drawing components work? Tags etc. Can you see text objects in Rhino itself?

It seems like none of them working, as attached.

Any suggestions to solve/debug this?

Thanks, David.

David is to be commended for his interest in discovering just how far Rhino 6/Grasshopper can go in running on a Mac under Parallels.

The fact is that Rhino is not officially supported by McNeel running under any virtualization system, not just Parallels, and never has been.

Historically, Rhino 5 would run OK for many people, but Rhino 6 doesn’t due to Parallels’ lack of support for the necessary level of OpenGL.

You could try running under Bootcamp. That’s supported by McNeel. Your Mac would still need to support OpenGL 4.2 as I understand it.

@jeff @dan you have any ideas what might cause text drawing to not work at all on VMs?

What does work? I can’t tell if things are really “working”, or if it appears that enough is working to give that impression. In other words, is hardware acceleration even working? What does a Box look like in a Rendered mode perspective view? That will show me if things are really working.

What version of OpenGL is being reported? Text is a completely different animal in V6, and makes use of GPU hardware… So my first guess is that certain features are just not being supported, or being supported improperly.

And as mentioned above… Parallels is not really supported atm by Rhino.


Sorry, I do not. Since this is a VM, it’s really not a Mac issue but a virtualization issue.