Point inside mesh (box)


Have simplest mesh possible (MeshBox) with point that is clearly inside. With MInc we get back wrong answer (should be true but is false). Real situation is more complex, but this one is simplest that we reproduced.
Creation of geometries:

Point 0,600,-200
MeshBox D -300,-100,-400 300,700,-100

Then in grashopper I just use MInc component. For this exact aligment answer is false. But should be true … any move on y direction helps, on x not.
Exact same behavior found out in RhinnoCommon. And even if i use different mesh … first creating a box and then creating a mesh from it, exact same behaivour.

Is this another reincarnation of
or there is any other explanation/fix.

Additionally added: With showing ray (1,1,1) see, that ray intersects edge … If I understand comments inside linked RH, this is conformation.
What is currently best known solution to this (rotating)?

Are there only false negatives or false positives too?

Thanks, Jure

Hi Jure

You can try to rotate mesh & point and then test for containment.

But be aware, there is also opposite situation where point is outside mesh but MInc component returns true.