Surface Split Data management issue

surface split (141.1 KB) Hello,

I’ve been trying to split this surface with the filleted curves and then select the outline so that there would be holes in the surface. I must be making a mistake with the data trees and I’m sure I’m supposed to graft/simplify something, however I’m struggling to figure out where. Any help would be much appreciated.


problem is that you have 4 surface branches, but 192 curve branches. If you can manage it so that the curves are grouped in 4 branches as well you should be ok (149.6 KB)

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Thats perfect, thank you. Sorry but if you wouldn’t mind explaining how the trim tree works in this case it would be much appreciated. I am trying to learn more about understanding how the data trees work.


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Sorry to bother you again, but how would I then go about choosing the actual holes themselves instead of cutting the holes out? I thought I could use the list item but I realized that it doesn’t work.

Thanks (151.4 KB)

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Thank you again. I had completely forgotten about culling.