Point in Curve from Kangaroo not working?


I’m trying to test whether a series of points are inside a generated curve from slope and water flow analysis of a topographic surface and then cull based on this.

I can see in my rhino window that the points are in the curve, and yet point in curve does not show those points. I’ve tried grafting etc, but I don’t really understand where I’m going wrong. Sorry if it’s really simple, I’m quite new to grasshopper and I can’t always diagnose my scripts,

I’ve attached my script with values internalised but I’ve also attached an image of the full script incase it’s something going wrong earlier? I thought I wouldn’t put the full script in for now as it’s quite heavy but I have it if someone would like to take a look at it,

Thank you!

20230323 Point in Curve Help.gh (29.6 KB)

Hi @Lizzie_Higham,

Inside you can find two workflows. If you try to find point into multiple curves, you will have to take into account that grasshopper is doing the check in the following way:
first point with the first line, seconde point second line etc.

20230323 Point in Curve Help.gh (34.1 KB)