Interpolate points to curve, not working


I was using grasshopper to interpolate a collection of points to curve, here is how it works by steps:

  • read .txt file (each line in the .txt file is the x, y, z value of each point)
  • create points
  • interpolate to curve

I’ve been using this grasshopper script for a while and it was working fine(for example, the “working.txt” file), until this weekend, I collected some new data(“notWorking.txt”), grasshopper still able to create collection of points, but the curve won’t show

the images below shows the difference with the “working.txt” and “notWorking.txt”
Is there anyone know what’s going here?
Thank you so much!!

working.txt (1.5 KB)
notWorking.txt (1.6 KB) (2.4 KB)

the second file have duplicated points

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OMG! Thank you so much! Can you let me know what’s the name of the the node you added in the pic? (13.4 KB)

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Thank you soooooo much!

you can also use cull duplicates

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Thank youuuu! I was confused about how to download the plug-in
This works perfectly!

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