Error with "Point in Curves" & "Boundary Surface" in Rhino 6

Hello, Community. It’s my first Topic.

I have a problem with component “Point in Curves” in Rhino Build 6.1.18023.13161 (Grasshopper v 1.0.004)

The simplest Defenition. I need to sort list of curves (Land Plots) with list of points (part of Text Obj).
In 6 version geometry created after this component doesn’t match in list. BUT In Rhino 5 the same defenition works OK.
Help me please!

Bag with Point in (14.6 KB)
Bag with Point in Curves.3dm (67.9 KB)

Boundary function doesn’t works with single curves, it works with lists of curves.
For example, if you have list with a curve inside another curve it will output a single surface with a hole.
(It’s not granted that with a x-long list of closed curve as input it will output another x-long list of surfaces.)
Doing its calculation it shuffle your curve order. Maybe the code is more optimized than in rhino 5, and it behave differently.
You should give it branches of the correct length.

In this case, just graft and then flatten the Boundary component.

Shuffling is an unwanted effect, but maybe it’s not technically a bug, i don’t know.

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Thank you [Riccardo Majewski]