Point deviation not for SubD?

I just realized that Point deviation does not work for SubD.
I think it should - it is very needed.
Now we have to convert to Nurbs before, but that’s not a smart solution.

Also it is wrong that one can select a SubD as the object.
When it doesn’t work…
The dialog acts as if it is a valid object.
Quite confusing.

BTW, the Point Deviation panel did not improve a little bit since it became a panel.
Cumbersome to handle.

See also:
Point deviation - Serengeti (Rhino WIP) - McNeel Forum

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Hi Charles, I see that, thanks.

RH-62275 PointDeviation: No action on SubD


Hello Pascal, SubD is a brilliant tool for working out 3D measurements, especially the double curved surfaces. pointdeviation therefor is a musthave.

are you working on solving this? can we expect an update on this matter?

looking forward for your reply,


Hi Albert -

I see that the issue that Pascal linked to has been closed as a duplicate of RH-47232 (which is not public). I’ve added this thread to that open item so that you will be notified when the issue is solved. Currently, it is on the 8.x list.


Hi Charles -

At this point in the development cycle, all new features are developed in Rhino 8. If necessary, and if possible, features can be backported to Rhino 7 when they are sufficiently tested in Rhino 8.