Point Cloud export


Does anyone have an experience in exporting point cloud?
Exporting to PLY, OBJ seem to produce an error…
Thank you

Can you maybe share the error message that you are getting?
Having the offending file would probably be helpful as well…

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Hi all,

I have been importing point clout in PLY format to rhino , but was unable to export it back yo PLY . “error saving file”…
I have tries other formats like obj , fxb and got the same error…

Any recommendations?

Thank you in advance!


pointcloud test.3dm (4.8 MB)

Hi Rodri ,

I have attached the file ,
The erorr that i have received is simply : Error writing file F:\HCMC\WATER\Test Models\Point cloud tesy.ply
Error saving file F:\HCMC\WATER\Test Models\Point cloud tesy.ply
Thank you

As far as I know, .ply format only supports triangle meshes, not points or point clouds… The other formats are probably the same. What is your destination program and purpose with this?


Hi Shimon,

It seems to be working OK in the current WIP (see file attached). I can do a round trip: export as PLY and import again. pointcloud test_WIP-WIN.ply.zip (2.5 MB)

If the problem is happening exclusively in Rhino 5, I don’t think it will be fixed in that version…

Hi Mitch,

I have a lot (!) of point cloud scans that i have exported from Agisoft Photoscan pro. i want to scale and combine all of them into one scaled map (urban design project ), and export back to PLY or OBJ in order to upload to sketchfab for presentation porpuse.

Thank you Rodri

I will try the wip version

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Hi Rodri,

I have successfully exported point cloud .ply from rhino WIP . The new issue is that i get an error when i am adding an additional point cloud that i have extracted from a mesh object. (plug in file writing failed)

Any idea how to overcome this?

Thank you

Hi Shim - by this do you mean you are exporting two point clouds at once, and that fails?


almost :slight_smile:

I have two .ply files exported from agisoft photo scan pro - exporting them together from rhino was successful.

When i add to these files to a point cloud that i have produced in rhino ( just from a mesh object) - it fails.

thanksPoint cloud test.rar (13.1 MB)

Hi Shim - thanks - what is in this 3dm file - is it the two ply point clouds added to the Rhino cloud to make the one cloud? Did the Rhino cloud have colors when it was added? (My suspicion of the moment is that there may be mixed colored and uncolored points.)

Can you send a file with the point clouds separated?

@Shim - ok, I see that there is a separate point cloud to one side - but there are two, I don’t now if that is the source of your problem - the sparse point cloud to one side is duplicated.


Hi @Shim,

If you would like to export a point cloud to .ply file in Rhino 5, then check the script attached below.
Download it, then in Rhino 5 application menu choose: Tools -> PythonScript ->Run, and select the downloaded script.

It will ask you to pick the point clouds which you would like to export as a single .ply file. You can pick a couple of separate point clouds, and they will all be exported as a single joined .ply point cloud.

export_ptClouds_to_PLY_Rhino5.py (2.7 KB)

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Hi Pascal,

I guess that is the problem , the point clouds are at different vertex color. and there are some uncolored point .

Thank you for your help

Thank you !

I was looking for this sort of script for a while