PLY export of pointclouds fails

When I try to export a pointcloud as a .PLY file I get the error -
" Failed to save as D:| blah blah … .Ply
The file writing plugin failed."

I have done this before without any issues.

Hi Mike - is this true with any point cloud? Just make half a dozen point objects, run PointCloud on them, Export - does that much work?


Hmmm… that worked.
Could it be a size limit ? The pointcloud is about 120,000,000 points.
I can export it as a TXT file no poroblems.

Hi Mike- can we get the file? The developer thinks it ought to work with that many - if you can, please send to to my attention. Please include a link back here in your comments.
Are you exporting binary or text format?


Uploading now.
I have tried Ascii and Binary, I get the same warning.

Hm - upload is failing - is the file massive?