Point cloud display options - RGB and Intensity

Hi, most of my 3D modeling is done from Pointclouds from 3D laser scanners.
Currently, Rhino only reads the RGB channel of E.57 format pointclouds and ignores the Intensity channel.
It would be fantastic to be able to switch between RGB and Intensity from within Rhino.
I currently have to use CloudCompare to set which channel Rhino can see.
More info here … RGB and Intensity - Point cloud display options - 3d Laser Scanning

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Hi Mike -

Could you provide a small sample *.e57 file that contains that information?

Hi Wim, the attached file contains both RGB and Intensity channels.
It is a scan from a Leica BLK360 3D scanner.
RGB_INT sample.e57 (3.6 MB)

Hey Hi,
Is there any news on this ?

I also found a Pointcloud “Wish List” from an older post from someone else.

Hide/Show point colud
Inverse visibility of point cloud
Saving regions and selection sets
Colour and intensity (shading) of points + controls of intensity Levels
Intensity in hue and greyscale
Colour by height along any axis
Turn individual scans and off

These items are on my wish list also. I started work on importing a pointcloud using a Python/C++ script. But using this script requires a Windows machine. Are you on windows? Are you running Rhino 6 or 7?


Hi Terry,
Yes, I am runnings Windows 10, Rhino V7 (7.8.21181.5001, 2021-06-30)