Point Cloud Intensity Color

I need help changing the color of a point cloud to its intensity mapping. Instead of the regular RBG color, I want the point cloud to show up with its intensity mapping which will display it in orange hues. How can I change these settings?

Hi Lorenzo,

Point clouds in Rhino do not support intensity, only RGB color.

– Dale

Rhino doesn’t support it as in I can’t change the settings in Rhino and have to import it as is?

Rhino’s point cloud data structure does not accommodate intensity.

If you import a point cloud, from a file format that supports intensity, the intensity data will be ignored, as Rhino has no place to store the values.

Does this help?

Not really. I’m not sure if I’m using the correct terms but that’s what I was told to do. I need the point cloud to show up a certain way because the color of the point cloud I’m using is obscuring the data I need. I have an old file with the point cloud displayed how I need it but I don’t know if I can change it in Rhino or have to export it from a different program. I’m also having trouble with figuring that out as well.

Given the limitations of Rhino and intensity values, the only way to do this would be to convert the intensity values to RGB values. 1 solution might be to read your data into Autodesk’s Recap. If the data only has XYZI values, it will automatically convert the intensity to greyscale RGB values. Then you can export out to PTS (ASCII). The only problem is I think it would still have the intensity value which would mess up the Rhino import. I think you should be able to read a PTS file into Cloudcompare and export just the XYZRGB fields.

A custom import script could also do this fairly easily in Rhino without the need to go through other programs.