Point attractor with mesh

I created a weaving mesh using the Mesh Plus plugin. I want the weave to be more open at some attractor points and closer at other attractor points. Does anyone have an idea how to do this? I have also attached the picture, the GH file, and the Rhino file.
Weave.3dm (270.7 KB)
Weave.gh (16.0 KB)

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Hi Simran.
After you generate the mesh surface, deconstruct it, gather the vertices in a list, operate on that list, then reassemble the mesh using the new vertex list and the old face list.

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Is it a way to do it using attractor points? I am new to grasshopper so…

Yes of course. Attractor points are just, well, points. In themselves they only have a location in 3D space.

The attraction part comes from the calculation of the distance between that point and all the points in that list vertices you would extract from the mesh. What you do with those distances it is really up to you. For example they can be used to bring those vertices closer to the point, repost them so they move farther, or even rotate. The distance values are basically inputs for another function that generates vectors (or transformations) that are then applied to the list of vertices.

That is the general concept. To apply it, the best place to start would be YouTube where you will find a billion tutorials about grasshopper and point attractors.
For example here’s one YouTube video.

Or if you prefer reading…
Attractor Points in Grasshopper - A Beginner's Guide - Hopific.

Try following one of them and if you have any issues along the way let us know and we will gladly help you.

Thank you for the help. I tried doing that but the data conversion is failing somewhere.
Weave.3dm (371.3 KB)
Weave.gh (31.4 KB)

Is there another way to do it? The weaving pattern and the attractor points.

a quick edit to your gh file. hopefully you’ll get what i did quickly
basically i inserted the “point attractor"part in between the creation of the mesh and the “weave””
Weave_with_point_attractor.gh (16.5 KB)

Thank you so much for the help. I understand what you did. However, is there a way to achieve the weave pattern across the entire rectangular surface? Is there a way to add more weaves on the sides?

like so?

to get multiple distortions, i just set the point to multiple points

here’s the script. if you want to play around with points, create new ones and set them
Weave_with_point_attractor_2.gh (17.4 KB)

Thank you so much for the help.