Point Attractor for Weaving pattern

Hi, I want to get my module for clay printing, that I want to use point attractor to add weaving pattern to my module. I followed another script in the forum that it set random points and create different degrees of weaving. Forum:

However, my result is quite weird and I dont really understand why is that.

Trial.gh (402.1 KB)
Trial_03.3dm (1.1 MB)
Anyone knows why? I am quite new for grasshopper. Thanks!

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because your starting Brep has self-intersections in these locations, the curves generated by Contour in proximity of those are not joinable

this creates a sort of snowball-effect in causing errors on curves that should belong to different (Z) layers, while are on the very same plane

I would suggest to fix the initial Brep by removing any self intersection first

this solves the self intersecting issuee and creats a contour which you could use for your weaving script part.

Trial.gh (771.5 KB)