Plugins about Big Data Analytics and Smart Cities for Rhino

Greetings all! Im trying to search some plugins to Grasshopper that simulates a Big Data Analytics and Smart Cities to my master degree thesis, and I wish to make an experiment in Grasshopper, but I cant find anything about.

Is there some plugins or funcionalities in Rhino and Grasshopper that could help?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Victormartinscad,

there are no specific plugins for this. You have to construct your own definition to parse various kinds of data. For example to import OSM-Data , you could use Elk or GISMO , but to analyze the values, you have to define your own search-method. With the help of Python/C#Sharp/VB, you can even extend the methods.
There are some city-planning-based plugins ( check, but still you have to dig the data.