Plugin version Rhino 6.5

a strange thing happens to me between the plugins of the mcnell, practically are all mixed between version 6.5 and 7.
I noticed this because I was exporting to iges and the prompt
this message appeared:
Testing C:\Program Files\Rhino WIP\Plug-ins\export_IGES.rhp (and 29 other assemblies) for compatibility…
Compatibility test succeeded in 9.15s
the IGES export plugin is version 7.0…
in the details says
Guid 7f0ca561-0c7c-4cea-b822-b95ebe71c409
file name C:\Program Files\Rhino WIP\Plug-ins\export_IGES.rhp
route register \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\McNeel\Rhinoceros\HKEY.0\Plug-Ins\f0ca561-0c7c-4cea-b822-b95ebe71c409

I have 67 plugins version 7
some perform the compatibility test when I recall them others give me incompatible version as for peshtools and squish for example
Same problem on different pc but less confused plugins
Plugin List
Name>SlicerTool - Version>1,0,0,1
Name>SolidTools - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>Commands - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>import_3MF - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>Export_FBX - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>MeshFromPoints - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>RhinoScript Editor - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>WebBrowser - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>Import_FBX - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>PaveDataBaseTool - Version>1,0,0,1
Name>PaveTool - Version>1,0,0,1
Name>Trace - Version>1,3,0,0
Name>Renderer Development Kit - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>ACIS Export - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>ZCorp Import - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>MicroStation file import: import_DGN - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>Lightwave Import - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>RhinoScript - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>Iris - Version>1,0,0,0
Name>RPC - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>VRML Import - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>Rhino Bonus Tools - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>export_3MF - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>X Export - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>Rhino Labs Tools - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>Raw Triangles Export - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>STL Export - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>Import_AMF - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>Faro Digitizer - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>Frog6 - Version>1,0,0,0
Name>SLC Import - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>OrientTool - Version>1,0,0,1
Name>ScoopTool - Version>1,0,0,1
Name>Import_DST - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>AutoCAD file export : export_ACAD - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>AnimationTools - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>IdleProcessor - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>Lightwave Export - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>Windows Metafile Export - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>VRML/X3D Export - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>Squish - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>export_OBJ - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>Adobe Illustrator Export - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>XGL Export - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>Import_M - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>CreaseAngle - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>Mesh2 - Version>1,0,1,0
Name>Points Export - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>ZCorp Export - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>BooleanTool - Version>1,0,0,1
Name>OFF Import - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>Rhino Render - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>AuroraJewels6 - Version>1,0,0,0
Name>ArtTool - Version>1,0,0,1
Name>GemTool - Version>1,0,0,1
Name>RDK_EtoUI - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>Renderer Development Kit UI - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>SketchUp Export - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>PipeTool - Version>1,0,0,1
Name>POV-Ray Export - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>Tutorials - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>PLY - Polygon File Format Import - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>AutoCAD file import: import_ACAD - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>SplopTool - Version>1,0,0,1
Name>Snapshots - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>STEP Import - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>DrillTool - Version>1,0,0,1
Name>RingNetTool - Version>1,0,0,1
Name>Renderman Export - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>MeshCommands - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>MicroScribe Digitizer - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>Alerter - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>CordaTool - Version>1,0,0,1
Name>STEP Export - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>Rhino Options Manager - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>IGES Export Plug-in - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>WAMIT Export - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>IronPython - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>IGES Import Plug-in - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>VDA Export - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>X Import - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>RAW Triangle Import - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>SLC Export - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>PDFReader - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>RPTool - Version>1,0,0,1
Name>Walkabout - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>Moray Export - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>NextEngine Import - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>RhinoCycles - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>MeshTools - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>Gopher - Version>1,0,0,0
Name>GTS Export - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>AuxpeckerStudio3 - Version>3,0,0,0
Name>Romer Digitizer - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>WAMIT import - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>Grasshopper - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>export_xaml - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>TBTool - Version>1,0,0,1
Name>AuroraJewelsTools6 - Version>6,0,0,0
Name>Export SVG - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>STL Import - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>VDA Import - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>CutTool - Version>1,0,0,1
Name>SketchUp Import - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>PLY - Polygon File Format Export - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>Cult3D Export - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>General Hydrostatics (GHS) Export - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>CurveTool - Version>1,0,0,1
Name>RhinoLibrary6 - Version>1,0,0,0
Name>StripTool - Version>1,0,0,1
Name>PDF Export - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>Export_DAE - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>Toolbars - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>3Dconnexion 3D Mouse - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>Solidworks Import - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>3D Studio Export - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>RingResizeTool - Version>1,0,0,1
Name>Parasolid Export - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>Faro USB Digitizer - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>General Hydrostatics (GHS) Import - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>Export_AMF - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>InstanceTool - Version>1,0,0,1
Name>Comma Separated Value Export - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>E57 Import - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>Points Import - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>BlockEdit - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>Displacement - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>MPlane - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>Import_SVG - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>Calc - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>GTS Triangle Import - Version>7,0,18163,3305
Name>Import_OBJ - Version>6,5,18155,13161
Name>Named Position - Version>6,5,18155,13161

I have a YouTrack item to test with the latest 6.6 RC and 7.0 releases (from this week). It should be fixed, but I haven’t gotten around to testing this yet.

If you don’t want to install newer versions yet you should be able to get things back to their proper versions by dragging&dropping the plug-ins from the install location on a running Rhino 6.5, then close and start Rhino 6.5 again.

Hi Nathan,

does your fix address this issue:

That looks like a separate issue.

Dragging the plugins worked, now they’re all in the 6.5 version

You’re welcome. I ran into the same problem several times. The fix for this was made a week or two ago I think, but will take time to get to users if they’re not on the ‘hot track’ :slight_smile:

I fixed it for myself with the same procedure.

should you need to add scripts to verify the plugin version
Thank you again

Option Explicit

Call Main()
Sub Main()
Dim arrPlugins, strPlugin,arrInfo,i
Dim text
arrPlugins = Rhino.PlugIns(0, 0)

If IsArray(arrPlugins) Then
	i = 0
	For Each strPlugin In arrPlugins
		arrInfo = Rhino.PlugInInfo(arrPlugins(i))
		rhino.print text & "Name>" & strPlugin & " -  Version>" & arrinfo(3) & vbnewline
		i = i + 1

End If