"Rhino version not specified" problem

I try to use maxwell render in the Rhino WIP.
But when I try to load the plugin, rhino reports:
“Unable to Load maxwell.rhino.rhp: Rhino version not specified.”

It seems the WIP version does not have a version number built in, is there any way to fix this?

That would be something for Maxwell to fix. It’s impossible to foresee all future releases of Rhino so I suppose that the fix would be limited to having Maxwell state that your version of Rhino is newer than what is supported. @jdhill?

Note that there is no way to have this plug-in run under the WIP. For that to happen, the SDK of Rhino 6 will have to be frozen so that third party developers can release a new version of their plug-ins. At the moment, the SDK changes pretty much every day and having a plug-in would require building a new version every week when the public WIP is released and have that live for 3 - 5 days.

I thought this happens is because there is not “version” info in the Rhino
Would it be possible to make Rhino WIP have a version info, for instance, 6
or 5 at the moment?

I’ve contacted Maxwell and still waiting for reply.

That is just the standard message that Rhino gives when a plugin it is trying to load is for an incompatible Rhino version; the plugin cannot change it, since it is not yet loaded. As far as fixing this, the SDK the plugin is based on is being deprecated in Rhino 6 – a new plugin has to be written.

OK. Got it.

Thank you for the reply.

That makes sense, yes (I should probably have thought about that… :- )

That’s what I was trying to say, yes.

@stevebaer, is it possible to have Rhino say something else when a plug-in cannot be loaded? Obviously it can lead to confusion…

I’ll have to try loading Maxwell to see what exactly is going on as I thought there was a good chance that it would load in V6. @jdhill, can you help get me set up with a copy for testing.

Rhino 6 is supposed to perform compatibility testing on .NET plug-ins and load them if the SDK isn’t broken for what a specific plug-in uses.

Hi Steve, I’ll be better able to do that (get you a copy) in a day or two. For what it’s worth, the report is this:

RhinoCommon error: unable to locate a reference to RhinoCommon.DLL
RhinoCommon plug-in: C:\Program Files\MaxwellDotNET\Maxwell.Rhino\Maxwell.Rhino.rhp
  referenced assemblies
  - mscorlib, Microsoft.VisualBasic, Rhino_DotNet, Maxwell, System.Drawing, Maxwell.UI, Maxwell.Common, System.Windows.Forms, System, Maxwell.Script, System.Drawing, mscorlib, System.Windows.Forms, System.Xml
Unable to load Maxwell.Rhino.rhp plug-in: Rhino version not specified.

I’m not sure if it’s pertinent to mention, this is the Rhino 5 plugin, not recompiled against the V6 Rhino_DotNet or anything.

I’m trying to load as many V5 compiled .NET based plug-ins into V6 as possible.

Was Maxwell compiled against Rhino_DotNet or RhinoCommon? If it were Rhino_DotNet, that may be where the compatibility falls apart and I need to provide a better message.

Indeed, it’s compiled against Rhino_DotNet, and has no reference to RhinoCommon. It loads RhinoCommon via Assembly.Load, strictly for handling toolbars under V5 (until the most recent build, I was still supporting V4).

Yep, that would definitely be the reason Maxwell is not loading. I created a bug tracking issue to improve this message at

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