Plugin not found in Package Manager online list occasionally

Hi, Mcneel Team,

A strange behavior was found regarding our plugin LookXRender. Sometimes, it cannot be found in the online package list.

While at the same time, it can be found by others.

We have no idea how it happened and how to avoid it to happen again. Please help.

Thanks in advance.

I can find your plugin only inside Rhino 7 for windows. Your manifest does specify windows, so that’s to be expected.

What version of Rhino are you using when you build the plugin? The version you reference into your project will be the minimum required version for anyone to see it in Yak. If you build for 7.30 for example, if anyone uses 7.29 or lower, they will not see your plugin.

– cs

Ah, the version of my Rhino 7 is 7.25. I believe this is the reason. Thank you very much!