Plugin installer

Hi all. I would like to install my plugin this way. Probably it is a very bad idea, but i would like to know why it does not work

 class run_rhp
        public static void run(string PROGRAMFILES_path)
            string my_rhp_folder_path = Path.Combine(PROGRAMFILES_path, "my_rhp_folder");
            string my_rhp_path = Path.Combine(my_rhp_folder_path, "my_rhp.rhp");
            string rhino_6_exe_path = Path.Combine(PROGRAMFILES_path, @"Rhino 6\System\Rhino.exe");
            Process.Start(rhino_6_exe_path, my_rhp_path);

If in my_rhp_path there are spaces(“Program File” has a space)it doesn’t work.
I tried to put my_rhp_folder_directly in “C:” and it works fine. I tried passing @"…" with no result.
i would like to understand.Thanks

Solved. I added “” to the string my_rhp_path passed as argument to Process.Start method. Thanks anyway