Plugin for 'Text 3D Advanced' in Rhino 6.0?


I’m trying to add 3D text as an engraving in a 3D model. And in this youtube video (Platre Rhino Grasshopper - YouTube) at 00:51 they use ‘Text 3D Advanced’.

It is a plugin which you have to download but it has 4 errors when I open it in Grasshopper.
Does anyone know a good alternative or a way to fix these errors?

Here they talk about the same problem, but the answer they found doesn’t completely fix my problem…

If someone knows another way to make an 3D engraving in a model, I’m open to any suggestions!

Thanks in advance!

ps. I downloaded the plugin here: FabTools

Hi Debora,
Did you get your problem solved? I had a quick look and presume you are trying to get the text contours?

The script produced by @qythium in the link you uploaded (discussion from 2 years ago) can export both text, and curves - if that helps?