Plugin for Revit

Tell me if there is a free plugin for Revit that creates families of doors and windows?
Thank you

Hi Sambrari95,

Can you describe a bit more what you mean by ‘Create’? What are the input and output expectations?


On the example of these plugins. They create a family of windows.

That Revit Add-in doesn’t actually create anything, its a predefined 10+ Windows families that you can set the parameters via the UI. Advanced Families with lots of parameters aren’t too difficult to make, i’m not aware of any Revit add-ins that can auto-generate parametrized content.

Here is a plan that creates parametric windows. But it is paid

“This add-in allows you, through a graphical interface, to create fully configurable parametric windows from more than ten preset types, add them to your project and modify them easily and quickly.”

The windows are already created you would be changing parameters.

Are there any free alternatives to this app?

I’m aware of “Opening studio” from Assa Abloy (used for doors and door hardware) . As japhy said these are preconfigured library that uses the plugin to import these components into your Revit model.

This is a free software in case you want to use their products in your project.

Otherwise, no lunch is free.

thank you, I will check out this resource