Plugin bloat victim!

As I explore Grasshopper I install additional plugins, often because I have downloaded an interesting .gh file that requires them. Some plugins introduce their own tabs so I can see what is what, others sprinkle components across the existing landscape.

Other than Load Locking, or uninstalling individual plugins, and seeing when a component disappears, is there any way to identify which plugin a component in a gh tab came from? (Even if it involves another plugin!)

If not, could this info become part of the “hover” display in a future release?

Ctrl + Alt + Left Mouse Button while hovering over the component usually will indicate where it comes from.

:slight_smile: “click while hovering” isn’t it just “Click On” :wink:

I’m sure the OP will be able to figure it out.

Hi Ethan,

Thanks for that reminder - I can never remember that key combination. But it isn’t what I am looking for.

My wish is to be able to look at any component on a tab and see if it is a native GH component or a plugin component and, if the latter, to be able to determine which plugin it came with.

The information is obviously there, because if you open a .gh file with a component from a plugin you don’t have installed you are asked if you want to install it.


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Yeah, I also don’t like that plugins place buttons in the native GH components’ tabs.

I always try not to use 3rd party plugins, but sometimes it is just quicker. And while looking for a appropriate component I click on stuff I don’t recognize, or search and find components with the same name.

Perhaps in addition to your request we can ask that when you search for a component the plugin is also mentioned there somehow.

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`Perhaps in addition to your request we can ask that when you search for a component the plugin is also mentioned there somehow."

There was a discussion with David to add a search key that would make search only find native components. Can’t find the topic, but was something like searching with *component name would only result in native results. Similar how currently searching with #component will result in “old” outdated components that dont show in tabs anymore.

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Was it for GH2?

I don’t know if it was explicitly, but I believe most UI things will be for gh2.

This issue has been my headache as well. I have
two Shift Paths components, one is native the other came from somwhere.

After doing the Ctrl + Alt + Left Mouse Button thing you can also right-click the component on the Component Tabs menu and select Component info:

Which will reveal explicitly the plugin/assembly it comes from:

TreeSloth on this case :sloth:


Thaaaaank you Anders! I really didn’t expect someone to react this.

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Thanks @AndersDeleuran,

Right click, huh… Why didn’t I think of that? :blush:

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Hi Anders,

I find that while this works for the icons permanently on display in the toolbar, it doesn’t for the ones in the dropdowns. Any ideas?


You can left-click grab and pull the lower edge of the Component Tabs window downwards, revealing all the components (I believe).

Not all is shown, you need to turn it on: