Finding out whether a component is a part of plugin or not

Most of the times, components which are from installed plugins are easily there in the plugin toolbars. Sometimes, special components like ‘fatten’ are separately installed but they don’t show up in their dedicated toolbars.

How to find out whether such component is a part of specially installed plugin or not? This information is helpful when I’m sending my Grasshopper file to someone, who doesn’t have a particular plugin installed on his/her system.

Therefore, before I’m sending my file, I can have info of components which were separately installed so that the recipient of my file doesn’t have a hard time installing all the plugins separately and I can create gh usage instructions.

Hi archz2
You can try the Bifocals plugin + Bubalus_GH plugin.It can show which plugin the component originated from.

Bifocals plugin :

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Pancake has the ability to generate a portability report so that you can move definitions more easily.


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You can also check the component location like this:

Normally Grasshopper native components must be located in: %ProgramFiles%\Rhino 7 WIP\Plug-ins\Grasshopper\Components

Awesome! Thanks!

Okay. Thanks.

Alright. Thanks @603419608