Question of Beginner about gh Component


I am new to Grasshopper and am currently orienting myself on another project. Somehow I can not find this node anywhere, and I am not sure if its a plug in or not.
If anyone could tell me what those circles around the “N” input are would help much aswell. Thank you!

The circles are a hidden wire. Not sure what the component is. It is definitely a plugin though.

Thanks for your reply and input. I’ll keep on searching for it thanks!


If you show a larger bit of the script of tell us what it does maybe it could give us some hint where to look at.

@Sinan_Eslek if you click on the component, the wire shows

if you want to show the wire permanently, right-click on the input and select wire display normal

if you want to find the position of the node, hold ctrl+alt (a blue circle with a white i appears on the mouse cursor) and click on the node. it will display where the node comes from (unless it's a script or cluster copied from another document - those are self contained and do not need to be installed via plugin)