Plug-in migration to Rhino v8 - so far so good

I just wanted to share that all our plug-ins (C++, C#, Rhino, Grasshopper) were migrated to v8 with only a few changes required to the code:

  • CRhinoObjRef now requires a document serial number
  • doc->FindView(...) now requires a ViewTypeFilter` argument
  • Change RhinoRegisterCustomMeshHandler to RhinoRegisterCustomMeshHandler2 and update the function signature to use std::vector<std::shared_ptr<const ON_Mesh>>&
  • Grasshopper now has native support for PointClouds, so our own PointCloud implementation for Grasshopper could be retired. It looks like the native PointCloud works seamlessly.
  • The .NET code had some Environment.NewLine statements, that are now ambiguous with something from Rhino, had to change that to System.Environment.NewLine.

Iā€™m not sure but it looks like some of the changes in C++ I needed to make are deprecation warnings that were treated as errors.

Got it working from start to finish in about 1,5 hours & really happy with that so thanks to everyone involved making this easy :slight_smile:

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