Plug-in freezes the loading window when installed using *.yak file

Hi @dale, @stevebaer,

The plug-in has been updated internally to reference Rhino 7 and .Net framework 4.8.

When installing it manually using the plug-in manager window, it works fine.

However, when trying to install it using *.yak file, it freezes the loading window.

Thank you for your help.


Are you able to share the .yak file with us so we can try to reproduce this behaviour? You can send it via a private message if it isn’t publicly available.

@will @dale @stevebaer


I would like to know if you’ve got any updates on the issue with the yak file I sent to Will two weeks ago?

I’m able to reproduce the freeze and I believe the plug-in is trying to perform actions that require user input which isn’t possible when the modal “Preparing Plug-ins for First Use” dialog has focus. Using the plug-in manager or drag/drop to install works fine, because this dialog isn’t shown. This is related to the plug-in loading for the first time during Rhino startup, rather than a specific installation method.

@dale do you have any pointers here? Is is possible for a plug-in to show UI when the “Preparing Plug-ins for First Use” modal dialog is open? On load, the plug-in attempts to minimise Rhino in order to bring its own dialog to the front. I also see the -Open command being called, but again the command line is unable to receive input. Either one of these situations will prevent Rhino from starting.