Plot / Block Subdivision

Hi guys,

Is there any easy way to subdivide urban blocks into plots ?
I couldn’t find any usable / practical examples.

I have surfaces generated by offsetting roads. Now I want find a way to subdivide this surface into plots.

it is not so simple. On first sight I thought of Medial Axis but it will help just if the “entrance” are all around the block. It will not work for terrain with a single side entrance …
You will find here a rough way, it works for a si,gle curves.

So divide the curve
Make the Voronoi
Class all the subdivided part around the curve
Measure the areas
Group surfaces

Yep, I was scratching my head for a week how to approach it.
Tried Galapagos, but it is time consuming …

Less buggy one

cut surface in egals (14.7 KB)

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Thank you this might work.
I will have a look at it tomorrow

It doesn’t work for multiple curves now.

Hi Laurent,

Nice work!! I’ve also been messing around with Medial axis. I’ve adjusted your script to include multiple curves, it could probably be written more efficient, but it works. Keep up the good work and nice table you’re fabricating!


cut surface in equal (24.3 KB)

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