Import line types, import dim styles

This seems all messed up.

1] import dim styles (from
v5) sees the .3dm file, asks if you want anything existing overwritten. Choose
overwrite all, some styles imported, nothing is overwritten , we just see “style
A” & “style A01” etc

2] Try to import line types
(from v5). Sees the .3dm file, error dialog reads “cannot read””

Personally, I don’t think you should be able to delete (purge) the default line types at all – the help
file lists them as the defaults, so how come you can remove them? For now, I cant
get them back because of 2 above.

I think purge should retain the defaults of whatever – line types, dimensions, layers… for example, the 2
dimension styles, the six linetypes, and a couple of layers…