Please I need help using sub d

I have a model that needs to respect the outer margins, and create a 0.3mm volume in the center.
I tried to use the multiple pipe, but visually it was good, but it doesn’t respect the external contour.
I send an image and also the curves with the result.
If anyone can help, I’d be grateful.
to subd.3dm (603.2 KB)

I have no clue what you are trying to do because your post is nonsensical. 0.3mm is a length, not a volume. You did not use the MultiPipe command because you made flat polysurface, not SubD. If you are trying to draw a road, you should use Offset command.

I need this result, but in a more practical way…
to subd - 2.3dm (973.2 KB)

I give up because you cannot explain what you want to do.

By the way, you have placed everything into the same layer and you have assigned different colors to different surfaces and polysurfaces. Professional CAD operators place different things in different layers and they give explanatory names to these layers.

Why do you want to use SubD?

Thanks for the nice way of replying…
You could just ask me to make the model available in a more explanatory way, because professionals like you must find it very difficult to separate curves and surfaces in the layers…
But… if you don’t want to contribute, just watch and let it go… it’s a favor you can do everyone…

I just imagined that if it could be used.
However, if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Hello - it is not possible to exactly represent things like true arcs and, in general, curves created using the usual Rhino tools in SubD - the shape will be approximated. If you need to precsion of the tangent arcs here, SubD is not the best tool.


can you clarify what you mean by “in a more practical way?”

the result you have there appears to be modeled decently, what do you need that is different than what you have?

Are your desired volumes mission critical (have to be exact) or can the vary?

“in a more practical way?”

A way that doesn’t need as much manual effort to execute.
I had to use a lot of internal curves and a lot of surface pieces.
I think there could be something more organic, respecting the height and the external limit.

thank you

This could be done with Multipipe, then removed the half that points to the bottom, and then converted to NURBS, the topology looks like it was created this way.
This job looks like something that could be done with XNurbs

Good afternoon,
Your suggestion seems ideal for this and other problems I’ve been facing.
Question: Where can I find XNURBS?
Because I looked, and didn’t find…

Xnurbs is Plugin, but it has a trial version
It’s not cheap, but we don’t have a native too for this kind of case. The most similar tool is patch but is not that powerful for what you need. You can try it anyway.
Other solutions may take quite some time because of the multiple directions of the form.